Financial Planners in Brisbane

We know that finding a financial planner in Brisbane is easy – there are hundreds to choose from. But how do you find the best one for you?

We know the story, you’ve been searching for a financial planner in Brisbane and all you can find is a bunch of Yellow Pages listings and a couple of advisor websites where they are all tooting their own horns. So what now? is probably the site you’ve been looking for. We take the hassle, confusion and stress out of sourcing the perfect financial planner for you. Our system is completely automatic and matches you with the 3 best financial advisors in your local area.

So how does it work? We spoken with a heap of financial planners in and surrounding the Brisbane area. We have requested a profile of their most common client (including their income, age, financial situation and superannuation amount – no personally identifiable information of course) and we have analysed this to create a “perfect client” for each financial advisor. What this means is that when you submit your request for 3 matches, our system will automatically analyse your situation and match you with the financial planners that service a persona similar to yours, on a regular basis.

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What if I’m not located in Brisbane?

That’s okay, we have providers from all over Queensland. We have providers in the northern suburbs of Brisbane as well as the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. If you’re located interstate – that’s okay as well – we have financial planners all over Australia. We are constantly growing our database of financial advisors in Australia.

How much does a Financial Planner cost in Brisbane?

Great question! Financial Planners will vary in cost – which is why it’s important to request pricing information from a number of service providers. We find that it depends very much on your financial situation. Some financial planners will charge a once-off professional fee for advice, while others make their fee through commissions paid to them after you purchase products through them. Other financial advisors will take a monthly fee for continued advice. It all depends on what sort of arrangement suits you.

Do you have profiles of all Financial Planners in Brisbane?

We do try, but unfortunately it is difficult to get this information from all service providers. Some are unwilling to provide information while others are simply too well protected by gate-keepers. We are always trying to increase the number of profiles we have, and when we can we will add more profiles for the outer suburbs of Brisbane. Profiles for each provider takes some time to complete and may also require information or statistics that the advisor may not have readily available.  The planners are required to gather collective data about their average client and then compile this into simple statistics to ensure that matching is as accurate as possible.

How can the Financial Planner help me?

There is very broad range of services offered by financial planning professionals. Some planners will specialise in products or packages that best suit their local demographic. Others take a holistic approach and offer products and services for varied client situations. There are a few primary services and products offered by most financial planners to ensure that their clients are catered for as much as possible in-house. These include wealth accumulation, financial fortification (wealth protection), income protection insurance, wealth protection insurance, business insurance, mortgage reduction strategies and superannuation planning. Each of these products will be outlined in further detail below.

Wealth Accumulation

One of the best known services offered by financial planners is wealth accumulation. By taking an in-depth look at the client’s current financial situation – the advisor can form an analysis of what strategy for wealth accumulation would best suit the client. Some methods involve the acquisition of a business or company. This allows individuals to minimise unnecessary tax payments – while making the best use of the available cash-flow to generate further income. Other methods include the purchase of shares, bonds and debentures. Hedge funds are also a common method of wealth accumulation used by financial planners in Brisbane.

Wealth Protection

Financial Planners are also called upon to help clients secure the wealth they may have accumulated over a lifetime of employment and investment. For most people, acquiring wealth is a long and time consuming process. The last thing anyone with wealth would want is for that capital to reduce or disappear. If wealth protection is the aim, the advisor will review the current strategy and establish a plan for protecting that wealth in the current economic environment. It may be through the purchase of real property, or through investment in a balanced share portfolio. The most important  thing to consider when looking for wealth protection is that in Australia, the best method for financial fortification is constantly changing. A financial planner will guide their client through the changes over time, and continually evaluate the performance of the protection. Keeping a ‘finger on the pulse’ truly is the only way to secure wealth – and by engaging a finance professional to help you do this will increase the likelihood of you protecting your wealth.

Income Protection Insurance

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the median income for households within the Brisbane CBD is between $2,800 and $3,143 per week. For most households, loosing such an income would cause fiscal chaos and risk the household assets within just a few short months. Income protection is increasing in popularity and financial planners can help ensure that the protection policy taken out is best suited and most appropriate. As fianncial planners deal with these policies on a daily basis, they understand the differences of the policies available in Australia.

Mortgage Reduction

For most families in Brisbane a mortgage is simply a given. Few families actually realise that there are proven strategies available to help reduce the period of a loan and in turn reduce interest payments to the financier. Some of these strategies do not even require an increase in household income. Through budgeting, strategic use of credit cards and lines of credit – as well as personalised loan packages, financial planners can help families keep more of their earning in their pocket. Mortgage reduction strategies are powerful and have demonstrated consistent results for those that use such a strategy.

Superannuation Planning

Superannuation is increasingly becoming the only reliable form of retirement funding. The Australian Government is encouraging business and individuals to utilise the benefits of the current superannuation legislation. Yet in Brisbane less than 3% of superannuation holders have sought professional advice about their superannuation funds. For most, they know that their employer is contributing and that the superannuation fund will be maintained by the organisation they have entrusted it with. The reality is that the performance of superannuation funds varies immensely. Individuals should seek the advise of finance professionals to ensure that the fund they have is performing optimally. Also, depending on the age of the individual and the funds available in the superannuation account, a self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) may be an invaluable option to use superannuation as leverage for increased wealth.