Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is financial planning?

    Financial planning is the process of task or action setting in an effort to meet a financial goal. The goal could be retirement preparedness, wealth accumulation, or even the protection of existing wealth. Financial planners can help point you in the right direction, or take over the management of all or part of your wealth to help you achieve your financial goals.

  • Is Financial Planning a regulated industry?

    Yes, the Australian Securities and  Investment Commission (ASIC) regulate and administrate legislation for Financial Planning services. Financial Planners must hold an Australian Financial Services (AFS) License, or be an authorised representative of a business that holds an AFS License.

  • Which Financial Planner should I proceed with?

    The quality and professionalism of Financial Planners will vary, as with all industries. Finding a service provider that specialises in your goal type is definitely a good start. If you are looking to accumulate wealth, choose a Financial Planner that specialise in returning high yields on investment. Should you be looking to prepare for retirement, opt for a Financial Planner that specialise in balanced investment strategies. If you use Financial Planner Services to help you find a Financial Planner, we will automatically source the best suited provider based on your age and financial situation. Remember that whatever method you use to find a Financial Planner, you should always feel comfortable with your service provider. Your interest should always be put first.

  • How do Financial Planners get paid?

    The ways that Financial Planners get paid varies. Some charge an upfront fee for setting up a financial plan, while others will earn commissions on the products they sell. Some may even receive both an upfront fee and ongoing commissions from products sold. Speak with your chosen Financial Planner about the payment options they offer. Most offer an initial consultation free of charge.

  • When should I engage a Financial Planner?

    As with almost everything, it’s never too early to start using the services of a Financial Planner. It is likely that your goals will differ, depending on which stage of life you are currently in. Younger people are generally more suited to a wealth creation plan, while those nearing retirement are better suited to wealth protection. Based on your age and financial situation, we can connect you with Financial Planners that meet the requirements of someone at your stage in life.

  • Is Financial Planner Services a free service?

    Yes, FinancialConnect is completely free for Australian citizens. We hope that by connecting you with a financial service provider that meets your expectations will encourage you to share the word about our website and inform your friends.