Financial Planners in Sydney

With so many Financial Planners in Sydney, where do you start in finding the best one for you?

With Sydney being such a large city – there are quite literally thousands of financial advisers offering their services in the greater region. Doing a quick Google search will yield you an indefinite list of financial planning companies promising high returns, secure investments and professional service. So, how do you know which one to choose? How do you narrow down the list of providers to start making contact? The answer would usually involve time – hours of research and comparing, reading reviews and phone calls to find an adviser that you feel comfortable and confident with. This is where comes in – our matching technology will review your current financial situation, and match you with 3 of the best suited Sydney Financial Planners.

How does this match happen? We have spoken with a large number of Financial Planners in Sydney and compiled profiles for each adviser. These profiles include an ‘ideal client’, which is the client persona that the company services most. For example, some Financial Planners specialise in retirement planning, while others have mastered the art of wealth accumulation. This is why it is so important to make sure that the financial adviser that you choose is actually experienced in the services you require.

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How many financial planners service the Sydney area?

The greater Sydney region is serviced by hundreds of Financial Planning companies. Within these organisations, there are quite literally thousands of financial advisers to choose from. This is why it’s a good idea to narrow the list of companies you are thinking of contacting – otherwise you could spend months meeting with advisers before making a decision. Most companies in Sydney will have clients all over Australia, so you should look into advisers outisde of your area before making a decision – especially if someone you know has recommended that you speak with a certain adviser.

Don’t forget that diversity is important. If you bank with a particular institution, it may be wise to seek advice from a third party, as opposed to using their in-house financial planning arm. The major banks in Australia are pushing their financial advice services, so ensure you’re informed and well researched before committing to services offered by these companies.

How much will a Financial Planner cost in Sydney?

The fees and charges associated with financial advice come in varied forms. It is crucial that you understand the fee structure of your chosen financial adviser before proceeding with any products or services. The most common way that financial planners are paid is through a flat fee, that is, the financial planner will charge you an upfront fee for their advice. This advice usually comes in the form of a proposal, unique to your financial situation and risk profile. Financial Planners can also receive commissions from products they sell to you. This information should always be disclosed – and your adviser will run through this with you at request.

Financial advice need not cost the earth. Speak with your financial planner about the best method of payment for you. Financial advisers understand that the needs and cash reserves of the clients does differ – so they will often look at ways to work in with your resources and provide the best outcome for what you have available to leverage.

How can a Financial Planner help me?

This all depends on your goals. What do you want out of life? How would you like to retire? What aspirations do you have? These are questions that a financial planner will ask you before any proposals are made. Without direction or goals – there is no destination. Below we have listed some of the most popular services offered by Financial Planners in Sydney.

Superannuation and Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning is very popular in Sydney. While today’s youth may consider their superannuation ‘set and forget’ – those closer to drawing from it understand the importance of a wholesome and considered approach to funding retirement. Many people aspire to not only fund their retirement, but create a comfortable, high quality lifestyle that is free of financial worry. This is absolutely obtainable, it just takes a bit of planning and some foresight. Financial advisers have the foresight to help you irrespective of your current financial situation or age. They will look at your assets, review any debt, investigate your superannuation and establish a way to use your current resources as leverage. It’s all about making use of what is already available to you – in a way that doesn’t reduce your quality of life today.

Remember that it is never too early to start thinking about your retirement, and planning ahead is the only way to ensure that you have some degree of control over the lifestyle you live in your later years.

Wealth Accumulation

Many property owners in Sydney have large amounts of equity (read leverage) quite literally sitting on dirt. This is capital that could be used to multiply current wealth – without outlaying anything more than a bit of time with a financial planner. The same can be applied to superannuation sitting idly in ‘unreachable’ accounts. Financial Advisers have teams of people dedicated to researching and monitoring the markets, and they have an in-depth knowledge of the tools available in the current market to help you achieve financial growth.

Income Protection Insurance

Another very popular product offered by Financial Planners in Sydney is insurance. Income protection is just one of the insurance products that advisers offer. Income protection allows you and your family to protect the income that you are currently bringing in. It helps not only ensure that the lifestyle you are living is maintained, but also ensures that your goals and financial plans are not interrupted in the event of losing capacity to work. We all know that without a regular income, any lifestyle will slowly fade away. Secure your income today and have peace of mind knowing that your family are protected against income loss.